Little Library collage

This past summer, Holly Hoel, our GMS library aide participated in a book study about providing more access to books. She used that book study as inspiration to create a Little Free Library Box that now stands outside the campus.

Mrs. Hoel's inspiration came to life with the help of her husband, Matt Hoel, who loves woodworking and liked the challenge of the project.

When asked if she noticed it being used, Mrs. Hoel said, " I know it's being used as more books do get added occasionally." She added, "I had 2 - 6th grade boys looking for the same book at the same time. I had one copy in the middle school library and luckily we found another copy in the free library and they were able to read at the same time."

What is it? A little free library is basically a sharing box where anyone may take a book or share a book. It functions on the honor system and you don't have to share a book to take one! If you have books you would like to place in the sharing library, please be sure they are kid friendly, and not adult level books.

We, as a district, would like to thank Holly for bringing her inspiration to life! Our kids are definitely benefiting from it.