RAC End of Year collage

The end of the year is always so exciting because we can see how far our students have come! At the Readers are Champions celebration, we recognized some students who were on the top of their reading game :) 

Congratulations to the TOP READERS for the 2022-23 school year: 

  • PreK-  Karson Ulch and Olivia Davis
  • Kindergarten-  Logan Omohundro and Clara Youngblood
  • 1st grade-  Truett Franklin and Ellah O’Brien
  • 2nd grade-   Reed Wetzel and Morgan Rowe
  • 3rd grade-  Reid Endsley and Charlotte Egger
  • 4th grade-  Grant Douglas and Tatum O’Daniel

The following students were chosen by their teachers for going above and beyond in reading!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Award….Awarded to students who are "Always Hungry to Read"

Logan Craig, Brooke Ralston,  Logan Omohundro, Harvey Motes, Luke Arthur,  Cade Henry,  Caroline Wilson, Owen Dorcey , Mia Lanzone, Bailey Brotherton, and Davey Seay 

Charlotte’s Webb Award - Awarded to  2nd and 3rd grade students who have shown incredible growth in reading this year! 

Darcy Sikes, Charlie Newton, Avery Richardson,  Max Olsen, Wyatt Scott, Audrey Fiorletta, Jase Martin and Judd Martin