Early Release Thursday and Friday

Don't forget that tomorrow and Friday are Early Release days, and we will be following the new policy as described below.

New 2021-22 Early Release Policy

- GMS/GHS – 12:30 PM Release

- GMS Car Line will be held until the buses have left the parking lot for traffic purposes.

- GES – 1:10 PM Release

- GES Car Line will run at 1:15 (or after the buses roll out, whichever comes first)

** After Care must be picked up by 3:30 PM on all Early Release days.

Gunter ISD is growing, and with growth comes change. In the past, a 1 PM early release time worked for all of the campuses because we only ran the buses one time. With so many more students this year, we grew to a 2-tiered bus route, meaning the buses run the same route 2 different times; once for elementary and once for secondary. This has caused an issue with our early release days because our buses cannot pick up all of the students at the same time. For that reason, we have decided to release the middle and high school campuses at 12:30 PM and the elementary campus at 1:10 PM. By running the bus route with the secondary campus leaving first, the older students will be home before the youngest students get there.

We apologize for any confusion in our previous early release days.