collage of students

We are all unique, and activities at the high school are proving it!  

In Mrs. Reeve's  geometry class, students plotted points on the coordinate plan using information that was true about themselves. They connected their points to create a polygon that was unique. Every one is different and special in their own way, and now the GHS geometry students have a graph to prove it. 

Students in Mrs. Wade's art class started the year off with a "Continuous Line Drawing". They were paired up and had to draw their partner. Every drawing brought a smile to their partner's face. They showed just how different we all are!

AP Physics students were challenged to work together as a group to build the tallest tower in the classroom. They could only use spaghetti noodles, string, tape and 1 marshmallow. The catch ... the marshmallow had to be on TOP.  In this activity, the students learned to listen to their group ideas to find the best choice.