traffic light intersection

With our new traffic light at the intersection of 289 and 121 comes new problems. The light is not the problem, but we have become aware of people using side roads to “dodge” the new light. This is not only a problem, but a safety issue. 

Student safety is our number one priority, and we have noticed increased traffic on side streets where we are letting students off of the bus. The streets often do not have sidewalks and this leaves children walking on the same streets you are using to avoid the light.

We are asking that you plan accordingly and leave a few minutes earlier and take the most direct route to your destination even if that route happens to be 121/289. We definitely don’t want anyone hitting our students, and reducing traffic on their streets is the best way possible. 

The minutes you are trying to save could cost a student their life. Please drive safe, pay attention, watch for our kids, and most importantly stop for the bus when loading and unloading children.