Please note that we altered the arrival times by grade at the elementary school for the first day only. This was done to alleviate traffic because many parents like to drop off their students on the first day. Now that things are settling into a routine at our campuses we want to make sure you know the drop off times we regularly follow at each campus. See below:

Elementary School
All students should be dropped off by 7:40 when our first bell releases students to class. **7:45 is the tardy bell.

Middle School
- Building Opens at 7 AM
- Students will be directed where to go when they enter the building.
- Students will be dismissed to class at 8 AM
High School
- Building opens at 7:10 AM
- Students will gather in the commons to await the bell to release to 1st Period.
- 1st Period begins at 8:10 AM. Students are expected to be in class by that time.