August 18 - Day 1

In less than 24 hours, we will be greeting our favorite students back into our campuses, and we are SO EXCITED!! Make your first day back STRESS FREE by following these directions :)


- Bus drops off students between 7:05 – 7:10 AM

Car Line:

1st-4th grade students Arrival 7:10 - 7:45 AM

PK/Kindergarten Arrival 8:00 - 8:10 A.M.

** The tardy bell rings at 7:45 AM every day

**Teachers begin helping students in the car line at 7:20 AM


Middle School

- Building Opens at 7 AM

- 5th and 6th grade report to the Cafeteria

- 7th and 8th Grade Boys Athletics report to the Field House (Picnic Area)

- 7th and 8th Grade Girls report to MS Foyer

- 8th Grade Students (Non-Athletics) report to Library

- Students will be dismissed to class at 8 AM


High School

- Building opens at 7:10 AM

- 1st Period begins at 8:10 AM

- For the first day of school, students should arrive early enough to pick up their schedule in the foyer.