• Kerfoot Trust  (Carl & Gladys Kerfoot Scholarship)

    Background and Purpose

    The Carl and Gladys Kerfoot Trust is for the benefit of Gunter High School and was established on September 25, 1975. The primary purpose of the Trust is to provide scholarships for graduates of Gunter High School and other financial benefits approved by the Trust.

    Since 2001, the trust has distributed nearly $1.2 million in scholarships to GHS graduates. The trust is currently valued at over $1.8 million dollars. 

    Students need to be a district resident and attend GHS their junior and senior year or be a transfer student who attends GHS all four HS years.  Students can earn $400 a semester and then $600 a semester once they've earned 65 hours.  In total, students could earn over $4,000 to help finance their college education.
    For more information about the Kerfoot Trust, contact Kerfoot Administrator, Beverly Millar at bmillar@gunterisd.org or GHS Counselor, Jacob Waggoner at jwaggoner@gunterisd.org.