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    Tips, Tricks and Technology for Staff Members!


    We are so glad you've found your way to this site. Come back often to find tips, tricks and reminders on how to properly use the technology at Gunter ISD. 

    First things first!! Let's talk about passwords. A password should be kept a SECRET! If you forget it, and there is a "forgot password" link, use it to reset your password yourself. 

    • Make it something you can remember, but not so easy that others can guess it. 
    • The longer it is, the better. Short passwords are easier to break.
    • Use caps, lowercase, numbers and symbols

     Passwords at GISD

    • Your email and computer passwords sync. When you are forced to change the password to your computer, that will change your email password. This is set to a 90 day password change. 
    • Gradebook is on its own schedule, and will make you change your password every 6 weeks. If you forget this one, use the forgot password link. If you lock yourself out, have the campus PEIMS clerk unlock your account.
    • GISD Website password never changes unless you change it. Use the forgot password if you forget it. If you lock yourself out, contact Shelli Neely.
    • Eduphoria never changes unless you change it. If you request a password change, the link will go to your junk folder. Go to that folder to click on it and change the password. 
    • TxEIS passwords will force a password change at some point. If you lock yourself out of TxEIS, Debbie Miller will need to reset your password for you.