What is T3?

    T3 students work to earn their STRIPES by Serving, Training, Recognizing, Integrating, assisting in Public relations, Engaging, and Supporting their school and community. They are always willing to serve their educators and peers.


    • We are preparing students to be future-ready in a changing world through innovative learning experiences in the classroom.
    • Every teacher can learn to integrate technology into their classroom.
    • Every student is capable of mastering technology skills that will enhance their future.
    • Technology is a tool that must be used appropriately and responsibly.

    To learn more about how the Tiger Tech Team earns their STRIPES, click here.


    How does T3 help?

    T3 students work on projects throughout GISD to promote responsible technology use and assist teachers in integrating technology into the classroom. They are also on call during the school day to assist teachers and students with any technological questions or issues they may have.


    Learn more about us by watching our video