• Gunter ISD Strategic Plan

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    Year 1 Update

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    OUR VISION: An exceptional school system that develops great people to better the world

    OUR MISSION: GISD will empower every student to attain an exceptional education that challenges them to exceed their own expectations and provides a foundation for success in life.

    OUR BELIEFS                                                                                                                                      

    • Every student will be successful through their determination and the support of our staff who are committed to every child’s success.
    • High expectations and hard work for students and staff are critical for success. We believe in continually raising the bar to challenge ourselves. (TPW)
    • Every child is unique and should be valued and cared for in a safe environment.
    • Learning is broader than the state standards and our goal is to develop not only life-long learners but to teach good citizenship and to develop high character.
    • Our culture fosters the retention of staff through building relationships and empowering people at every level.
    • We have a strong voice in the Gunter community and are a benchmark to other school communities.
    • We value the history of our school community, our traditions, our strong foundation and our legacy.


    Innovative Learning: Create an innovative learning environment that empowers students to become creative and collaborative problem solvers.

    • Design relevant instructional experiences that allow students to take ownership in their learning.
      • Develop and implement a comprehensive plan to provide students with opportunities to follow their own passions and interests through explorative inquiry-based learning with real-world applications
    • Integrate digital tools that engage students in order to deepen knowledge and elevate a desire for learning.
      • Develop a comprehensive plan to seamlessly incorporate digital tools
      • Secure funding to expand daily technology access to the secondary campuses.

    Future Ready: Students will take ownership and accountability of their education plan.

    • Develop a comprehensive plan encompassing students, staff, and parents that assists in recognizing and understanding the assortment of opportunities available through GISD.
      • Develop a specific plan for effective communication and implementation of available resources and opportunities for future readiness.
    • Implement a mentor program that cross promotes the collaborative learning between all combinations of students (K-12), staff, and the extended community.
      • Develop and implement a plan to promote collaborative learning, e.g. development of practicums, mentorships, internships, and a more comprehensive career week to offer a diverse view of professions, trades, and manufacturing, between students (K-12), staff, and community members.

    Social and Emotional Health: Assure every member of the Tiger family that they have value and self-worth.

    • Equip students, teachers, and parents with resources to promote emotional health.
      • Implement a consistent Tiger Traits character development program that encompasses grades K-12.  
      • Provide resources and educational presentations that meet current district social emotional needs so students, teachers, and parents are empowered with information and tools necessary to integrate social, emotional, and academic dimensions of learning and improve student outcomes.
      • Engage fathers and father figures in Gunter Elementary School to make a positive impact.
      • Ensure students receive appropriate and consistent treatment.
    • Connect every student to the Tiger family based on their unique interests, passions, and abilities.
      • Create a school district that makes all students feel valued, capable and confident.
      • Enable G.I.S.D. students to explore their artistic passions and find their niche or place of belonging within the Tiger family by developing and implementing an art program at the middle school and high school levels.
      • Provide annual opportunities for all GISD students to engage in community service.

    Building Capacity: Cultivate systems that expand and refine leadership skills to meet individual needs of the school community.

    • Implement a teacher professional development plan with leadership and mentor opportunities that integrates follow-up.
      • Develop a comprehensive, district wide, on-going professional development program that includes teacher mentoring, training and leadership opportunities in order to grow and empower professional and efficient teachers that recognize potential in all students and contribute to a unified culture.
    • Develop a plan to provide and align leadership opportunities for individual students, Pre-K through 12th grade.
      • Develop and implement a comprehensive, district-wide student mentoring plan to increase student engagement and provide leadership opportunities in order to develop self-initiated students who seek opportunities to serve others.
      • Establish a comprehensive district-wide leadership development curriculum and training schedule in order to empower every member of GISD to exceed their own expectations and increase their ability to create success in life.

    Growth: Formulate a master plan that proactively addresses growth while optimizing student performance, community relationships, and core values.

    • Establish a comprehensive plan to identify potential resources and policies to support growth.
      • Maximize capacity of existing property and facilities until future facilities can be realized.
      • Take measures to add facilities to accommodate growth.
    • Develop collaborative partnerships with entities that impact GISD.
      • Identify entities for collaborative partnerships.
      • Negotiate with identified entities to efficiently open new facilities as needed.