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    Helpful Hints


    In order to succeed in school, you need to develop some skills and practice them throughout your school years.

    Effective Time Management

    You need to learn how to be responsible for managing time. You will need to juggle class time, extracurricular activities, homework, and social life. Learn to prioritize; put the most important things first. Use little increments of time that might be available, such as riding on a bus, to study. 

    2.   Learn and Practice Basic Study Habits

    • Be prepared for your classes and make sure you attend. Be on time!
    • Make sure you do all assignments and turn them in on time.
    • Avoid cramming for tests, but review on a regular basis.
    • Study each day, even if there are no tests.

    3.   Take Good Notes

    This involves listening in class and writing down the important facts. Write down as much as you can, and review it when you get home. The more you read over your notes, the better you will recall the information for tests.

    4.   Set Goals and Meet Them

    This is an important study habit because it forces you to be accountable for yourself. You are responsible for your actions, and only you can set yourself on the track to success by setting goals.

    5.    Stay Organized

    Let’s face it! If you are not organized, you will lose your notes, lose your homework, forget to turn things in, forget to study for a test, or forget to show up for an important practice or meeting. If you are not organized, you will let yourself, as well as others, down.