Congratulations to the Gunter HS Bass Fishing Team on their 1st Place Trophy in the Texoma Tournament this past weekend! Team wins are determined by combining the weight of the fish in the top 3 boats for each team. The top 3 teams from Gunter caught 8 fish totaling 23.02 pounds!

43 Schools with a total of 239 boats entered the competition. 7 Gunter boats came in with a catch:

Brodee Parker and Reid Brackeen 5th Place (3 fish / 9.67 lbs)
Trevor Wright and Nathan Nelson 13th Place (3 fish / 7.74 lbs)
Hayden Rodges 22nd place 2 fish / 5.61 lbs)
Caseyn Ploch and Brooks Gage 58th Place 1 fish / 2.46 lbs)
Joe Rathbone and Caleb Hicks 64th Place (1 fish / 2.18 lbs)
Logan Hill and Laker Lee 66th Place (1 fish / 2.16 lbs)
Nathan Kriechbaum and Colson Wood 91st Place (1 fish / 1.7 lbs)