Bag Pipe Musician

On Thursday, November 11th, students in grades 3-12 filled the Event Center to honor our United States Veterans. Some participated in the event, while others were spectators. Either way, every student had the opportunity to listen, really listen, to how these people served their country. Freedom is not free, and these people were willing to give it all so that we can live in a country with freedom of choice. Mr. Lowery reminded us that a service member’s family also serves in their own way. We appreciate the sacrifice they make to support their loved one on the journey they have chosen. It is our hope, that by celebrating and honoring our Veterans, our students will understand the sacrifices made and will choose to use their freedom to make good choices. The Veterans were treated to a brunch and coffee bar after the ceremony.

The following people helped us create and deliver this amazing program. Thank you for taking part!

• The welcome was given by GHS students who have chosen to enlist. Thank you to these future servicemen:
  - Roy George – United States Marine Corps
  - Harper Culp – United States Air Force
• Special thanks to our Guest Speaker, Mr. Lowery
• Mrs. McCullough’s 3rd grade choir students performed “We Honor You”
• Flag Presentation & Pledge: Boy Scouts
• National Anthem: GHS Choir
• Branches of the Armed Services Medley and Tears of Arizona: GHS/GMS Band
• Three Patriotic Treasures, God Bless the USA: GMS/GHS Choir
• Call of Service: Mrs. Kensie Woods, GHS Principal
• When the Pipers Play and Amazing Grace: Mr. Todd Carruthers (Bag Pipes)
• Coffee Bar: High School PTO
• Brunch: Mrs. Rogers and Cafeteria Staff
• Service/Seating at Brunch: FFA members
• Table Setting: Mrs. Osburn and Floral students
• Checking in each veteran: Mr. Chris Dodd, GMS Principal
• Closing Remarks were made by GISD Superintendent, Mr. Scott Martindale

Special thanks to Renee Marler of OurGunter for capturing some amazing photos.