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September 27, 2021

Dear Tiger Family,

As many of you know, last year due to COVID the district ended the play areas for our kids during Friday night football games.  We continued that practice this year with the safety of kids and adults in mind.  When you combine these factors (past broken bones, bloodied noses and adults being run into and hit with balls) with larger crowds and less space (due to temporary bleachers), the administrative team believed our current practice to be the best action to take for the safety of all. 

With that being said, as a leadership team, we are committed to remaining open minded and willing to listen to parents and the community.  Therefore, we will have a “play zone” set up for kids at the next home game. 

If your child(ren) will be playing during the game, please make sure they do so in the designated area only.  We hope this will keep adults from being hit by balls and not bumped into by kids that are running or chasing one another. 

Below, you can see the area we have designated as the play zone. 

It is my hope and desire this will allow all our Tiger Fans the best game experience possible.

As your new Superintendent, I want to remind you my door, my ears, and my mind are open and I am willing to listen to and discuss any concerns you may have regarding any area of our district.  I want to encourage in-person conversations.  This allows us to avoid being divided on issues; which is not productive for our district and especially not for our kids.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the next home game.  GO TIGERS!


Scott Martindale

GISD Superintendent

PDF Version - Play Area at Football Games 9-27-21