collage of students reading

The 5th grade students were treated to a multi-course "book tasting" in the library, and we can't be more exited about it! They  entered the library where the tables were set with a menu, fantasy crunch, and a bottle of water. Each table held a different genre for the students to taste, and they rotated several times to be sure they had a wide variety of books to choose from. 

"Chef Schroeter" walked around the tables and made expert suggestions when a student needed inspiration on which book to taste. Each student used their menu to make notes about the cover, they would then read the summary on the back or the inside cover, and finally read a few pages. Using that data, they would then determine whether they would be interested in reading that book. 

We love the creativity Mrs. Schroeter has and all of the inspiring ways she encourages her students to find the joy in reading.