Our pep rally on September 10th was not all about our school, but about our country. We honored OUR COUNTRY and the AMERICANS who have fought to keep our country safe. The band filled the event center by beautifully playing the national anthem, we recited the pledge of allegiance, the names of the 13 service men and women who recently lost their lives in Afghanistan were read as we honored them with a moment of silence, the students wore the colors of our country, and we listened to Coach Hellman recount his memories of 9-11-2001.

Those of us who lived through the frightening images on that day can remember what we were doing the exact moment we heard the news. Once we got home to our families, we hugged them tighter, we called family and friends, we cried for those lost, and we vowed to "never forget".  Our district has events like this pep rally, we show films and documentaries in our classrooms, we read letters from people, all to make sure the future generation remembers what happened. After all, we learn from the past while we look forward to our future. 

Thank you to the cheerleaders and their sponsors who planned and implemented this event, it was awesome! We are lucky, as a nation, that we have the freedom to have pep rallies, go to school, and to learn about our history. Not all people have those freedoms. 

Congratulations to:

  • 6th grade for winning the spirit stick 
  • Ayden Perez for winning the spirit clothing award