collage of students

Our students are so lucky to have great teachers who make learning fun. At the elementary school, the students have been learning how to be good classmates and work together. 

Mrs. Harper's students started the year off with a bang by reading, “My Mouth is a Volcano” and doing science experiments. After reading the book, they talked about how to have self control and not erupt like a volcano.

After reading “The King of Kindergarten” on the first day of school, the kindergarten students have been working very hard to earn their crowns. We know that it takes being kind, responsible, and working hard to be REAL Gunter Tigers and REAL kings and queens of kindergarten.

To promote teamwork and communication, Mrs. Pelzel and Mrs. Jewell’s science classes were challenged to make a cup tower without using their hands. The string and rubber band tool along with sharing ideas and working as a team helped them make 4 and 5 story towers! It was a lot of fun for our first STEM activity of the year!

Mrs. Perez's students have spent a lot of time in the centers learning how to play together and share.