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Dear Gunter Parents and Seniors,

On Wednesday, August 11th we will be set up in Mrs. Foster’s room at the high school to take senior yearbook portraits.  These are the formal portraits that will appear in the yearbook and on the large class panel print that will hang in your school.  We will be available from 9:00AM-Noon and 1:00-3:00 PM.  You may do your session anytime during the hours listed.  Students must show up no later than 2:45 to be photographed. 

Please note there is no charge for this session if done on the scheduled date.  It is mandatory that all seniors be photographed for the yearbook.  Please take a moment to mark your calendar and make arrangements to be present for your session.  We do not schedule private sessions in our studio for those that miss the scheduled date.

Garner Studio will furnish the clothing for your photo (tuxedo for men, and velvet drape for women).  You need only show up properly groomed according to the school handbook.  Please remember, you must abide by school policy concerning facial hair, jewelry, etc. – no exceptions.  Ladies will be photographed with bare shoulders, so it would be helpful to wear or bring a tank-top or spaghetti strap top to your session.  A garment will be provided for those who need it.  Gentleman, please wear a t-shirt instead of a button up collared shirt. 

Several photos will be taken of each senior.  Your photos will be available for viewing online in about one week with instructions and a deadline to pick your picture for the yearbook.  Pictures will be available to purchase on our website until July 1, 2022.   If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Garner Studio at (940) 668-1422 and ask for Kip or Tammy.

Please note:  On rare occasions we have seen students who were disappointed with their photographs because they didn’t take this session seriously or didn’t bother to show up for their original appointment.  While we will have a stylist present to do minor touch-ups, you are responsible for your hair, makeup and attitude on picture day.  We want this to be a fun experience, that’s why we are devoting all of our attention to Gunter High School Seniors on this date.  There will not be an easier way to have your yearbook photos made, so we strongly urge you to take advantage of this session. 

Good luck during the coming year and we look forward to working with you.


Kip Garner