Group Photo

8th Graders, Karlee Beavers, Micah Fisher, and Riley Rogan were the first students to shake hands with GISD’s new Superintendent, Mr. Scott Martindale. The students took Mr. Martindale on a guided tour of the middle school, showing him around the building and telling him about each of the teachers. Mr. Martindale was pleased to hear so many positive comments coming from the students.

Having gone 5th through 8th grade at GMS, the girls thought they knew everything about the building, but the surprise on their faces when they led Mr. Martindale into a closet instead of a lab was priceless. There have been some renovations at the building this summer that they weren’t aware of, but they handled it with smiles and grace.

During the tour, Mr. Martindale asked the students several questions about the middle school such as their favorite teacher, activities they were involved in, what they might change, and what their favorite thing was about the campus. Their reply was classic Gunter Tiger, and it makes us very proud! Their favorite thing about the middle school was that they knew EVERYONE!

Thank you, Karlee, Micah, and Riley for taking time out of your morning to show Mr. Martindale around your campus.